Celebrating 23 Years of Service

in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq!

1993 - 2016

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Our Vision and Mission Statement

Our Vision

Our vision is for lasting improvements in the quality of life for vulnerable and isolated communities in disadvantaged regions of the world.

Our Mission Statement

ACORN is a Dutch non-governmental development agency; our mission is to implement multi-sectoral relief and development projects with local communities, building their capacity and public services.

Northern Iraq

The Kurdish people

ACORN started in 1993 out of a concern for the Kurds, the largest people group in the world today without a nation state of their own.  They number around thirty million people and have lived in the mountainous regions crossing the borders of Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Syria and Armenia for thousands of years.  This group has been violently oppressed for generations. During the 1980s in Iraq, Saddam Hussein commenced the "Anfal Campaign” of village destruction, chemical bombings and mass shootings. Since 1991 Northern Iraq has been an autonomous region for the Kurdish people, and it is in this area that ACORN presently works.

ACORN is a humanitarian aid organisation offering assistance to the vulnerable and isolated in this hurting community. Volunteers from different nations enable ACORN to be a blessing to the Kurdish people.


Summary of past projects

ACORN pioneered Disabled Children's Services in Sulaimany, and was requested to replicate this programme in Dohuk. Part of this pioneering involved the setting up of orthotic workshops and providing training courses to develop the skills of local physiotherapists. ACORN facilitated Child-to-Child training for disability awareness in local primary schools, as well as training for parents, and supported an income-generation project for Anfal widows.

Current Projects

ACORN is a registered Dutch foundation (reg. no. 41213058)