ACORN is looking for committed people with a desire to serve others with their professional skills.


Individuals with qualifications to teach English as a Second Language (TESOL/TEFL certification) or have a Bachelor's degree (or higher) in Education are needed to teach at the Horizons Duhok Learning Center.  



A dynamic director for the Horizons Duhok Learning Center is needed by March 2016.  This individual must have a Bachelor's Degree in Education, preferably have some experience teaching English as a Second Language, and the ability (or capacity) to manage all aspects of the Center.

 This person will be effectively seen as the "face" of the Center, so he or she must be able to interact well with teachers, staff and students.


The SMILE Project needs individuals who have compassion for children battling serious illness and enjoy interacting with families in a medical setting.

We are open to working in a variety of community development areas.  To date most of our projects have been in the areas of Medical Rehabilitation, Disability Awareness and Special Education. However, we have also carried out work in Sports Development, in Agricultural and Small Business.  If you believe you have skills that could provide a valuable service to the people of Iraq, we would love to hear from you.

Please note that staff do not receive a salary or any kind of remuneration from ACORN but are self-supported volunteers. A successfully completed DTS is a requirement for all staff.

ACORN is a registered Dutch foundation (reg. no. 41213058)